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What you’ve been talking about lately on Facebook...


“Our dog loves stopping by the cafe!!! He especially loves the big bowls of water, and getting a carrot right from the garden!”

“Pepe, our cat, loves laying down on the wooden tables! We're so impressed how the dogs ignore her!!!”

“We love the cafe! Just moved into the 'hood, and it's exactly the kind of treasured place we hoped to find in the area! Not missing Victoria at all!”

“Thanks for showing my artwork last month! My family and friends were so impressed, and even my grandmother has stopped by half a dozen times since!”

“The greenhouse area is a fantasic idea, it's so great to sit out there among all the plants!”

“Toronto had nothing like this, I love Ottawa, especially Hintonburg!”

“Walked over yesterday with our rabbit on his leash, and we had the best time! Thanks for the extra greens from the garden!!!”

“Love stopping by on Sunday afternoons for the open mike!”

Specialty teas available this week...

  • Morrocan spice and ginger
  • black pepper raspberry soother
  • corn husk and dark honey
  • African apricot and white violet
  • over 50 other available, year-round

How to join our community garden...

  • drop by for a tour of the gardens
  • fill out a form on-line
  • prepare your seedlings and your space
  • plant, wait, watch, and enjoy!
  • $25 a month per 25 sq ft of space

Ways you can SHARE your talent...

  • we need artists to give life to our walls
  • join our Sunday open mike afternoons
  • bring us a sample and we'll talk
  • we also sell CDs and handmade items
  • talk to us for more details

List of plants available this month...

  • fresh vegetables
  • herbs of all kinds
  • very wide variety of seeds
  • over 20 types of lettuce
  • freshly cut Easter bouquets

How to sell your plants in our solarium...

  • let us know you're interested
  • bring us a sample or pictures
  • ensure the pots are fairly small
  • volunteer with us, for a discount card
  • trading is also an option

Types of cold tea for you AND your pet...

  • fresh peppermint tea
  • fresh lemmongrass and cilantro
  • refreshing lime and oolong leaves
  • iced oregano and hot pepper
  • ALL of our teas are available on ice

Site was last updated on Tuesday, April 24, 2018