Here is a collection of some of my work through the years!

Graphic Design

2012-2017 – These are a selection of recent design projects I've worked on as an in-house full-time designer, or for my own clients. The initial design is often my own, or at times using existing brand guidelines. For each project, my involvement is from concept to pre-production.


Book Covers and Posters


Floor and Building Banners

Corporate Branding

Web Design and Programming

2017 – My recent training has given me the skills to create websites by coding html, css, and javascript on my own. These are projects from this year, where we were given topics and tasked with designing a site from scratch, without the use of web-design software. Click on each image to go to the live site – most of them are responsive at any size!

Motion Design and Animation

2017 – This year I was exposed to the world of animation and motion design, specifically using Adobe Animate and After Effects. With these projects we were given a topic and had to develop the design and idea on our own.

Video Editing

2017 – With the use of Adobe Premiere, we had extensive training in video production and editing. With these projects, we were tasked with developing a video on our own with only a very broad topic (eg. a "how-to" video on a topic of our choice; a video featuring fresh produce). I took on every role, from filming to art direction to editing.


1990-2017 – Having a background in illustration, through the years I have experimented with many styles, traditional and digital. I have had illustrations published in various magazines over the years and have sold many (including some shown here) as works of art on their own. All images shown here are of my own creation and concept.


2017 – This year part of our training included more exposure to photography. We used DSLR cameras and were tasked with creating photos that highlighted specific photographic techniques, including the rule of thirds, contrast, focus, and framing. The photos included here were results of these tasks. We also experienced adjusting the camera manually.