More about me...

In the early '90s (before selling in the Toronto markets), I graduated from the Illustration program at Sheridan College. Since then, my work has been on display quite often, either as part of large group shows, small galleries, open houses, café displays, or in open-air markets.

My images mostly represent an on-going series of life drawings and paintings which I refer to as Slices of Life; partial glances at a human face or form. Working in a variety of mediums, the series includes figure paintings, abstracted portraits, everyday "slices" (cafe scenes, crowd scenes, etc), and, more recently, experimental abstracts. No matter what direction I am working in, I experiment with each piece, so each is quite unique and often without following.

In 2003, I published my first book – a journal, which contains over 125 of my images. In the near future, I hope to write and illustrate my own children's books. Inspired by David Milne and Auguste Rodin, for their dedication and experimental natures. (See the For Sale link for more details and prices).

In the mid-1990s, I graduated from the Graphic Design program at Algonquin College and began my design career. I have had my own business since then, working with a number of clients, as well as working as a full-time designer for a number of those years.

Presently, I am focusing on expanding in all three of my directions... design, illustration and painting. It's an exciting path to be on!








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